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is an adrenaline fueled team of technologists; a worldwide collaborative organization that helps customers achieve a secure, high performance network infrastructure with high availability while reducing their total cost of ownership in expensive technology. RedPhone builds business cases based on an IT infrastructure lifecycle model structured around six basic phases: plan, design, implement, operate, and optimize. The result is a unique portfolio of complementary consulting service components, enabling seamless integration, high availability, and nonstop scalability to keep pace with changes in technology, business objectives, and market / customer demands.


The quality of our customer's network directly affects their Business or Agency mission, profitability, employee productivity and customer satisfaction. To support today's complex networks, RedPhone delivers a comprehensive suite of IT engineering support services that provides responsive, preventive, and consultative support of leading edge technologies for our customers' specific networking needs.

RedPhone represents the industry's most experienced IT engineering organization to support today's most complex, global networks. All RedPhone engineers hold key industry certifications. Through RedPhone, customers and partners have access to our white paper library of leading practices and tools, so network implementations are predictable, scalable and cost effective. RedPhone also works closely with partners to enable knowledge transfer so customers have access to the leading tools and processes developed by RedPhone.

There are many reasons WHY to take advantage of what RedPhone offers.

Why RedPhone?

When clients consider having a contractor enter their sacrosanct perimeter and see and secure their most valued information, they must be sure the contractor is completely trustworthy, knows how to assess the true threat, how to fix it, how to maintain absolute confidentiality and how not to waste the resources of time, manpower and dollars. RedPhone lives by these client concerns. The RedPhone team is somewhat unique in the field of security. Team members have been involved at both the macro and micro levels of the industry in both physical and cyber security for many years. They have:

  • Earned the major information security certifications, AND taught every course required for IA’s CISSP certification.
  • Served as officers of the world’s top Information Assurance association.
  • Provided threat assessments and security plans for over 100 major infrastructure facilities in the U.S. from Newark Airport to plants with over 1,000,000 square feet under roof situated on more than 120 square miles.
  • Managed over 1,000 projects involving the internet and/or satellite communications for such companies as AOL and XM Radio.
  • Built over 500 hardware computer systems and 2000 virtual computer systems.
  • Teamed with personnel in Special Forces, Delta Force, SEAL, Ranger, Force Recon, FBI, U.S. Secret Service, and Scotland Yard.
  • Trained executive protection agents who provided personal protection to heads of state, foreign ministers, royalty, and Fortune 100 CEOs.
  • Wrote two net assessments of NATO vs Warsaw Pact force capabilities used by both DoD and the CIA.
  • Gained requisite security clearances for virtually all government procurement requirements.


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