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RedPhone delivers a comprehensive suite of IT engineering support services that provides responsive, preventive, and consultative support of leading edge technologies for our customers' specific networking needs.
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What is at risk?

On January 16, 2009, the outgoing Director of National Intelligence, Mike McConnell, said our nation’s biggest terrorist threat is to our cyber systems and referred to cyber security as the “soft underbelly of this nation.” RedPhone agrees. We are ready to bring our experience and expertise to you.

IT engineering support services

Who are we?

The RedPhone team is an adrenalin fueled team of IT/IA and security professionals with an average of 10+ years of industry proven expertise. Our reach back is legendary, and includes the best of the best from every branch of the military, Federal Government, and Commercial enterprises. We deliver a comprehensive suite of IT engineering support services that provide responsive, preventive, and consultative support of leading edge technologies for our customers' specific security an networking needs.

What do we do?

RedPhone has six core competencies, all of which focus on saving your—our client’s—time, money, and precious data. Although the company is relatively young, our team has many years of experience in Information Security, Physical Security, Collocation, CSO/ISSO Services, Virtual Systems, and Strategic Staffing. This combination means you will have people serving you who know how to (1) protect all aspects of your network, (2) shore up holes in your physical plant, office, or data center, (3) provide secure, redundant Tier III data storage that serves as your main facility, additional technical or office space, or for disaster recovery and continuity of operations, (4) provide out-sourced overall IT planning, organization and management at the CIO level without the exorbitant cost, (5) cut down server costs through the use of virtual systems know-how, and (6) deliver staffing solutions that result in higher ROI with lower up front investment and greater long-term potential.

Information security

Government leaders want reform, threats to information security are increasing, and industry professionals are well aware of the risks to critical information. We’ve seen these trends in financial services and government, and now we’re watching them unfold in healthcare.

Information security

Security measures Security measures

Failure to implement adequate security measures can come with a price tag that few law firms can pay. At $182 per compromised record, or an average of $4.8 million per breach, why has the legal industry been one of the slowest to implement incident response plans, disaster recovery plans or secure data policies? This question is especially significant since law firms are required ethically to maintain the confidentiality of client data, just like the healthcare industry.

Your technically savvy customers are asking for your confidence. How will you convince them that you’re worthy? Telling your potential customer that you have “insurance coverage” won’t close this deal.

RedPhone provides cost-effective IT security solutions that meet your current data security requirements with scalable solutions for the future. Contact L. Jay Aceto, a two time invited speaker to the Va. Bar Association on topics involving meta data and forensics evidence for an immediate response to your concerns.


Data network security Network Security

We live in an age of global collaboration and highly integrated operations, your data networks need be secure with developed technical infrastructures and innovative cyber defense strategies– to ensure critical operations and value chains that remain safe from prying eyes.

The Federal Aviation Administration was recently identified as doing such a great job at protecting sensitive data in its computer systems that the Office of Management and Budget chose it to be one of four agencies to guide other federal agencies in their cybersecurity efforts.

Just a month later, FAA officials admitted that hackers had breached one of the agency’s servers, stealing 48 files. Two of the files contained information on 45,000 current and former FAA employees, including sensitive information that could potentially make them vulnerable to identity theft. The security breach, although significant and potentially far reaching, is not necessarily a reflection on FAA’s security measures. Rather, it demonstrates the problems of securing federal computer systems and the difficulty in evading every potential attack.

RedPhone was conceived with the goal of preventing such occurances, keeping your data secure, and your employees’ and your agency’s reputations in tact. We’re passionate about security, and we kiss up to our boss…who flies experimental aircraft.


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