Our partners

RedPhone has been fortunate to establish and maintain long standing partnerships with a handful of industry leading firms.RedPhone leverages both internal corporate experience, and the best trained physical and technical security experience of former Delta Force, Special Forces, and Secret Service.

RedPhone has been fortunate to develop long standing relationships with excellent firms.

  • Trusted Mission Solutions (TMS) - is an SEI CMMI Level 3-rated IT and management consulting services provider serving both Federal government and commercial clients. TMS provides exceptional Sharepoint solutions, software engineering/integration, infrastructure management and consulting, training and security.

  • Our partners in the VETS GWAC government acquisition vehicle are VETSAMERICA, INC. and AEROTECH, INC.

  • Our partner in the Telcom arena is PAETEC

  • Our partner in non-profit logistics, a company formed from an agency in the Pentagon, LMI

  • One of our partners in information assurance is OCCOQUAN CREW TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (OCTI)

  • RedPhone partners with Gladiator Information Security Services (GISS) for Information Assurance services, certification and accreditation, Biometric analysis and Seaport-e support.

  • RedPhone partner for corporate website revisions RAM Site Design

Our partners


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