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Archiving and Retention Services

The Federal government has regulatory requirements for the preservation of business and healthcare data. Large and small enterprises must ensure continuous information availability and comply with content retention policies they (and the Federal government) have established to meet these strict guidelines.

RedPhone consultants routinely interface with Hospital and Federal CIO/CTO’s and executive leadership to help organizations manage the growth of structured and unstructured data through best practice information lifecycle management (ILM) strategies that provide the highest ROI, and the level of protection that makes sense.


Business Continuity Management Services

Disasters happen, and when they do, businesses frequently fail within weeks because of poorly conceived and rarely tested business continuity plans. RedPhone has extensive real-world experience preventing and preparing for disasters of every magnitude. RedPhone’s consultants provide a comprehensive business continuity solution that exceeds most Defense Department and civilian requirements at a fraction of the cost.


Certification & Accreditation (C&A)

The Federal Government has mandated that all Civilian, Military and Intelligence Agency Certify and Accredit their IT systems. RedPhone can assist agencies to achieve an acceptable certification and accreditation with minimal interruption. RedPhone has broad and extensive experience with NIST, DIACAP, DCID 6/3 C&A processes and can quickly prepare the specific documentation and supporting artifacts required for obtaining an Authorization to Operate (ATO).


Cloud Strategy Development Services

Cloud computing is a reality, and it's a force that IT professionals and business leadership needs to quickly come to terms with. The business need for speed and agility is greater than ever before, and the technology has reached a level in which prudent investments in cloud services are fast and easy. RedPhone’s computing cloud strategy development services help businesses and Federal agencies translate business needs into actionable strategy; leveraging the latest online capabilities for enhanced service delivery, reliability and flexibility while reducing overhead costs of operations


Compliance PracticeCompliance

Businesses face many forms of industry and regulatory compliance. RedPhone has experience in achieving or maintaining compliance requirements for HIPPA, SAS70, Sarbanes-Oxley and many other federal regulatory requirements that can be exhaustive on internal resources. Having a defined and tested process for meeting or exceeding these compliance requirements not only keeps your people focused on core capabilities, it also relieves you of the stress commonly associated with audits. Knowing exactly what is needed saves you time, money and headaches.


CyberThreat Analysis Service

Cyber attacks are one of the biggest threats to national security, loss of identity and business revenue. There are easy and inexpensive ways for our adversaries to cause substantial damage to the nation's critical infrastructure – the electrical grid, power plants, nuclear facilities, financial institutions, military bases, and privacy and proprietary information held in millions of businesses.  RedPhone’s main focus has been, and remains preventing cyber threats to Federal agencies, DoD and Intelligence Sector customers. We provide penetration testing, data risk assessment, business vulnerability assessments; secure computing infrastructure architecture, and forensic analysis and post mortem analysis. RedPhone’s consultants maintain industry credentials that include: CISSP, ISSAP, ISSMP, NSA-IAM, NSA-IEM, Cisco, Security+, CPP, GIAC and many others.


Wireless Engineering Support

RedPhone offers comprehensive design and development of secure wireless telecommunications solutions “from-the-ground-up” and applies the essential systems engineering necessary for success. RedPhone can leverage unique properties of wireless communications to develop novel and innovative approaches that enhance resiliency against passive or active network attacks such as man-in-the-middle attacks, denial of service attacks or any other attack using jamming signals, and other spatial, temporal or spoofing forms of disruption. These solutions can complement traditional cryptographic techniques to offer a total and comprehensive level of protection. 

RedPhone can apply fundamental knowledge and experience in the design of wireless communication systems using LTE, WiMAX, and Wi-Fi standards. Additionally, RedPhone can support the design of secure wireless LANs, Enterprise 802.11 Layer 2 authentication methods, fast secure roaming, cellular and mobile phone systems, ultra-wideband radios, microwave radios, and antenna measurement and design including sophisticated phased-array antenna systems.

Other areas of specialization and experience include hospital wireless patient registration that is fully HIPPA compliant, wireless security monitoring, protocol and spectrum analysis, forensic and performance analysis, cloaking and rogue detection and mitigation strategies. No matter what wireless design or wireless security are required, RedPhone can provide the highest level of assurance that the communication is secure and reliable — no matter what the platform, be it airborne UAVs or terrestrial base stations.


Data Protection ServiceData Protection Service

Businesses must protect vital corporate and customer data for competitive advantage. RedPhone’s comprehensive data protection solutions help business reduce the risk of data loss or data corruption by optimizing backup and recovery processes. RedPhone consultants can help keep your sensitive data secure by providing an edge-to-edge assessment that detects data leakage, promotes fraud monitoring, and optimizes data security. Flexible choices allow you to construct a procedure that best fits your company's privacy and data protection needs


Global Threats and Early Warning Service

RedPhone monitors in real-time emerging threats with actionable security intelligence backed by a real-time view of the global threat landscape. If your organization has experienced downtime even once, you’ll appreciate the value of having additional trained eyes focused on the security event horizon. Early notification is critical to a prepared response.


Hosting and Secure Data Center Service

Data centers offer an economy of scale that many small and mid-sized businesses and Federal agencies can’t beat. RedPhone has partnered with a premiere true tier III provider to offer the right choice of flexibility, reliability, redundancy, security, customization, power, and cooling availability to meet your needs today… and tomorrow. We bring you best of breed solutions and state-of-the-art service at an affordable price. With facilities designed and engineered by top firms in the industry—JC Porter Inc, Notari, CCG, C&L Power, Wilhelm Construction and 24/7 Technology Solutions, Inc.—we have brought in the industry’s best to design and build a fully-operational Tier III+ center.

RedPhone offers solutions across all sectors of business. Ranging from 500 to 20,000 square foot custom pods for private secure collocation, SCIF pods for ultra-secure collocation and governmental usage,single rack collocation, and custom managed security solutions that are designed to exceed your expectations.


Incident Response and Management

It is an unavoidable fact that most businesses will have a data breach. Determining what happened and rescuing the facility can take considerable time without the proper training and subject matter expertise. RedPhone security consultants help your organization establish an effective framework for responding to incidents in a timely manner with minimal business disruption. Using tabletop exercises and real-world scenarios can be critical to building the confidence of your technical teams.


Information Exposure Assessment

Costly and brand-damaging data breaches have become big business for malicious hackers. Targeted attacks are on the rise, as are their associated "per-record" remediation costs. RedPhone can assess your data types, data flow, and access roles and responsibilities to determine what level of risk you have, and what the most efficient methods of protection are and construct a mitigation strategy within your budget.


Physical and IT Infrastructure Security Architecture

Securing your infrastructure enables organizations to accomplish business goals and objectives with minimal risk. Your network comprises essential systems, applications, and data essential to remain competitive. RedPhone Security consultants and engineers strive to recommend actionable strategies to empower our clients with the knowledge to protect their infrastructure assets and proactively and cost-effectively reduce risk without impinging the flow of business. RedPhone leverages the talents of former military, secret service and former special ops personnel for physical security analysis to ensure that your business, agency, or critical infrastructure are truly safe.


Server Consolidation & Virtualization

Server consolidation is the best way of reducing cost, improving IT operational efficiency, and increasing your ROI of costly hardware. RedPhone is a top 50 U.S. authorized VMWare reseller with an outstanding history of server consolidation services. Whether you have 10 or 1000 servers to consolidate, RedPhone can design a successful strategy for easy migration to a virtual or cloud based computing environment.


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